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Europe Standard IPEAA Steel Structure Beam

Although All Beams More Or Less Have The Shape Of The Letter "I", There Are a Couple Of Characteristics That Separate Them Between Being a True I-Beam Or Being a Wide Flange Beam. BOSS Steel Carries a Large Inventory Of Sizes And Weights Of Steel Beams.

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ProductEurope Standard IPEAA Steel Structure Beam
Product classification

Wide flange H beam (HW)

Flange H beam (HM)

Narrow flange H beam (HN)

Production TechnicsHot rolled, cold-bend
Productivity30000 Ton/Month
Main MaterialQ235B, SS400, Q345, Q345B, etc

l Hight:(H): 100-900mm

l Width(B): 100-408mm

l Thickness(T1): 6-21mm

l Thickness(T2): 8-35mm

l Length: 6meters-12meters

ApplicationWidely used in various building structures, bridges, vehicles, brackets, machinery, etc., for example, the industrial structure of the steel bearing bracket,steel piles and underground engineering supporting structure, petro chemical and powerand other industrial equipment structure, shipbuilding, machinery manufacturing frame structure,train, car,tractor beam bracket,port conveyors,high speed shutter stents. 



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