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Wire Rod Specifications Of Wire
- Aug 29, 2017 -

Wire Rod Specifications of wire


Wire is also known as steel girder, is a kind of steel section, section of the section is the shape of long steel. The specifications are indicated by the waist height (h) * leg width (b) * waist thickness (d), such as "work 160 * 88 * 6", which means the waist height is 160 mm, the leg width is 88 mm, the waist is 6 mm wire.

Wire is widely used in various building structures, Bridges, vehicles, stents, machinery, etc.

The wire is divided into ordinary wire and light wire, and the specification of hot rolled wire is 10-63. The specifications of hot rolled plain wire supplied by the supply and demand agreement are 12-55. The specification of wire is also available in model, the number of the waist height is indicated in the model, such as work 16 #. Waist height same wire, if have several different leg width and waist thickness, need to add ABC to differentiate on the right of model, such as 32a # 32b # 32c #, etc.

Our country mainly is baosteel, laiwu steel, wu steel, ma steel and so on a few steel mills production.

Wire rod, whether ordinary or light, because the section size are relatively high, narrow, reason of section moment of inertia of the sleeve of the two main difference is bigger, therefore, generally can only be applied directly to the flexural member in its web plane or its components lattice mechanical components. It is not suitable for the axial compression member or the bending component to be perpendicular to the plane of the web, which has a great limitation on the application scope. The wire is a long strip of steel in the section. The specification method, such as 120 * 53 * 5, indicates a wire with a waist height of 120 mm and a leg width of 53mm, or a wire material with a waist thickness of 5mm, or 12 #. Waist height of the same wire, if there are several different leg width and waist thickness also need to add ABC to the right of the model, such as 25a # 25b # 25c #, etc. The wire is divided into ordinary wire and light wire. The specification of hot rolled common wire is 5-40 #. The specifications of hot-rolled flexible wire materials supplied by the supply and demand agreement are 6.5-30 #.

Wire materials are mainly used in construction structure, vehicle manufacturing and other industrial structures, and wire materials are often used in conjunction with wire materials.