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What's The European IPE AA I-beam?
- Mar 24, 2017 -

European IPE AA I-beam also known as steel (English name IPE AA Beams), is a section of the shape of the strip steel. The I-beam is divided into three types: ordinary I-beam and light I-beam, H steel. Steel is widely used in a variety of buildingstructures,bridges,vehicles,stents,machinery,etc..


The root of the ordinary beam wing edge and light I-beam to the edge of the thinning, have a certain angle, the ordinary beam and light I-beam model is the digital Arabia with its waist high cm number to represent, web and flange thickness and flange width of different specifications (H) with high waist leg width (x B) * (d) no waist thick number said, such as "general 160 x 88 x 6", that is 160 mm high waist, leg width is 88 mm, 6 mm thick waist for ordinary i-beam. "Light industry 160 x 81 x 5", which means waist height of 160 mm, leg width of 81 mm, waist thickness of 5 mm light i-beam. Ordinary I-beam specifications are also available models, showing the type of waist high number of centimeters, such as general 16#. The same as the waist high beam, there are several different leg width and waist thick, add a B C to make a difference in the type of right, such as 32#a, 32#b, 32#c and other general. Hot rolled ordinary I-beam specifications for 10-63#. The supply of hot rolled plain ordinary beam specifications for 12-55#.