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Today's China Steel Billets Price
- Mar 14, 2017 -

today's steel billets price rise 10yuan up to 3240yuan/mt, the global carbon steel plate price rise little in China. shanghai guangzhou jinan hangzhou beijing tianjin hebei shenyang chengdu etc. the Hot rolled carbon steel plates' price rise 10-60yuan/mt in these16 city markets.

As report,  23 cities in China the price of Hot Rolled Carbon Steel And Low Alloy Steel Plate 20mm is quoted 3780yuan/mt, it rose 20yuan compared to the last transaction.

All the price of the following billet's unit is yuan/mt.

March 14                  Shanghai   Guangzhou  Tianjin    Shenyang

Carbon 20mm              3730           3840         3660        3660

ups and downs              20               10              40           20

In yesterday, the market rise a wide range,the market recovering, the Hot Rolled Steel Coil Sheets And Plates For Shipbuilding price stop falling to rise again. today, almost every mills quoting the price rising. but volume is not very good. In another reason, the inventory pressure is not big, because of the future's market expectation, in the near future the Hot Rolled Q345B Carbon Steel Plate price will be possiblely Ups and downs.