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The Steel Market Commentary
- Mar 20, 2017 -

17th Mar. the hot rolled steel coil SS400 also named SS400 Q235B Hot Rolled Steel Coil Sheets which specification 4.0mm was quoted 618-628 usd/mt. Was lower 2 usd/mt than last week.

Last week, the Indonesia Q345R hot rolled coil market mainstream quotes continue to maintain stability, due to poor market mentality and poor market transactions. From the international perspective, Indonesia and South Korea imported China, due to the recent price of raw materials, South Korea hot rolled steel coil although prices are improving, but due to the turnover slump, prices difficult, China coil prices recently in a state of adjustment. So local traders pessimistic outlook. Inventory, traders inventory level is higher, if the day sales still deviation, do not rule out some of the price of shipping. On the whole, it is expected that next week, Indonesia hot rolled coil prices or weak shocks.

Today,Baotou third period 2017 hot-rolled coil flat settlement policy the bao steel hot rolled steel coil,now the carbon steel price which specification 5*1500mm 3760yuan/mt. the next order will be added 300 yuan.