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The Distinction Between High Quality Zinc Aluminized Sheet And The Inferior Zinc Aluminized Sheet
- Mar 09, 2017 -

The Stand Or Fall Of Aluminum Zinc Plated Steel Generally Don't Have Much Difference On The Appearance, The Surface Roughness, It Is Important To The Thickness Of The Coil Galvalume Coating Steel.

Aluminium Zinc Plating In Horizontal Condition Oblique Look At Its Surface Smooth Degree, Light Where Ever There Is Uneven.

The Zinc Layer Thickness, Needed a Professional SGS Test To Learn.Thickness Is Larger Also General Situations Of Plank Can Use a Micrometer To Measure Thickness Tolerance Range Of Products.

Look At The Surface Of Zinc, The Same Specifications Of The Products, Good Quality Zinc Flower Distribution Is Relatively Well-Balanced, Even Zero Spangle Aluminum Zinc Plating Products, Naked Eye Also Can Distinguish Them.

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