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Steel Prices Maybe Stabilize In The Last Few Days Of The Year
- Dec 22, 2017 -

 Experienced nearly a month of rally, the steel prices usher in a rational callback, the market price down more than 200 points from the highest point today, the highly anticipated 2017 final round of leading steel mills gradually clear policy, along with the end of the billet price The turmoil and the demand side continued to weaken, so I from the steel mill policy, raw material costs, spot market, etc. for everyone to analyze the last few days of the steel market trend.

 Steel: December 21, transit, Sha Steel, Yonggang three leading steel ten days out of price, high thread, thread, coil screw ex-factory prices remain unchanged, tight supply in the steel mills and the demand is still the case , The market outlook remains optimistic and positive. In northern China, the ex-factory prices of some mills have started to loose due to the sluggish demand, but the overall market is still stable.

 Costs: In recent days, the billet prices continued to decline, the black lead sluggish running low, business sentiment downturn, the general decline in prices of finished products, the overall poor performance of the transaction, the market pessimism spread. Taking into account the decline in billets too much today, some traders have begun to bargain-hunting operations, but most businesses are still cautious on the late billet prices.

 Market: Affected by the cold weather, more site work stoppage, the amount of steel has also declined, coupled with high steel prices, the terminal getting goods cautious, watching the majority of steel policy. As the end of the year approached, the repayment pressure of traders rose sharply and liquidity tightened. The market showed a marked increase in the number of low-end transactions. As a result, the overall spot transaction was weak and the pessimism of the market was spreading. With the financial pressure on traders, the possibility of further price loosening remained Save.

 In summary, the demand side of the downturn, the downward pressure on downstream steel prices larger, but the market resources are still less than normal, leading the steel price stability will be strong, after a week of rational adjustment of steel prices, market prices have become relatively Reasonable range, the final few days of the end of the year steel prices will stabilize, up little change.

(Source: Fortune Info)