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Steel Price Recently
- Mar 13, 2017 -

SPCC Cold Rolled Steel Coil

March 10th SPCC cold-rolled, April delivery to the mainstream price $FOB590 (1.0mm) is expected to steady, weak Carbon Steel cold rolled products market price in the short term stability. 

Hot Rolled SS400 Steel

Hot rolled SS400 March 10th May delivery to the mainstream price FOB510 dollars (2.0mm) stable, expected short-term stability of weak heat coiling. 

A36 Steel Plate

March 10th - A36 plate early May mainstream offer of $FOB490 (12mm) is expected to steady, the short-term stability or plate, or a narrow range of possible. 

Steel Rebar

March 10th 460B rebar mainstream quote to FOB475 dollars (16mm) stable.  

Square Steel

March 10th Q235 square April delivery FOB mainstream price $450 (150mm) Stable, domestic 6 rose slightly.

SAE1008 Wire Rod

March 10th SAE1008 wire rod march delivery mainstream FOB480 usd quotation ( 6.5mm) stable, small wire prices rose. the market temporarily uncertain next week.