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Steel Coil Sheet Resistance To Chloride Ion Corrosion
- Aug 15, 2017 -

steel coil sheet Resistance to chloride ion corrosion

Vehicle / automobile industry

This is the fastest growing stainless steel coil application area. The use of high-strength stainless steel coil manufacturing body structure can greatly reduce the vehicle weight, enhance the strength of the body structure, with stainless steel coil plate to do the vehicle panels and decorative parts can reduce maintenance costs. In addition, the stainless steel coil is also due to the advantages of resistance to chloride ion corrosion and heat due to the exhaust system of the car. Now, Japan, the United States, Sweden and other countries have a lot of use of stainless steel coil vehicles. Japan from the 80's began to promote its current stainless steel coil train vehicles have reached 60%. The car industry is the focus of the development of stainless steel coil applications.

Water industry

The problem of water pollution in the process of storage and transportation has been paid more and more attention. A lot of practice has proved that stainless steel coil is the best choice for water industry, such as water preparation, storage, transportation, purification, regeneration, desalination and other water industry. The advantages are: corrosion resistance, anti-seismic, water saving, health (no rust and copper green), light weight (reduce 1/3), less maintenance, long life (can be used for 40 years), life cycle cost (LCC) , Is a recyclable green materials. According to reports, at present, Tokyo, Japan pipeline stainless steel coil has reached 76%, pipeline leakage rate from the original 14.7% to the current 7.5%. Japan's Osaka suffered a major earthquake, stainless steel coil storage tank intact. Recently, Japan developed a bellows joint, so that the construction costs of stainless steel coil water pipeline reduced by 20%, the total cost reduced by 3%, maintenance costs reduced by 3/4.

Construction industry

It is one of the earliest areas of stainless steel coil applications. In the building decoration, at present, stainless steel coil is mainly used in high-rise building facades, indoor and outer columns of the cover, handrails, floors, elevator panels, doors and windows, curtain walls and other interior and exterior decoration and components. The surface treatment, coloring, coating of stainless steel coil plate, to solve the touch after the fingerprints and other issues, so that the scope of application of stainless steel coil to further expand. Japan has developed a variety of stainless steel coil roofing materials, such as better corrosion resistance, high chromium ferrite and various coating boards. Sweden developed super-clean brush surface stainless steel coil plate, the French Ugine UGITOP surface panels developed for the construction industry to provide a new choice.

Chrome-plated coil structure has four layers: steel substrate, metal chromium layer, hydrated chromium oxide layer and oil film. As the substrate is the same, mechanical properties and tinplate, but in the application of some of its own characteristics:

1. The cost is about 10% lower than that of tinplate, and the appearance is less than that of tinplate.

2. Corrosion resistance less than tin plate, thin coating and high pinhole rate, so when used inside and outside the surface to paint.

3. Chromium plate adhesion is strong, the adhesion of organic coatings than tin plate 3 to 6 times. Anti-sulfur corrosion resistance is stronger than tinplate.

4. Chrome plating can not be soldering, can only use lap resistance welding or bonding.

5. Thin coating and toughness is poor, easy to rupture cans, which should not be washed tank can be used for deep drawing cans.

6. Chrome plating plate high temperature resistance, generally in 5000 ℃ color and hardness were no significant changes to 7000 ℃ when it began to soften.