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Steel Bar Welding Is Divided Into
- Jul 20, 2017 -

Steel Bar Welding is divided into

Steel welding is divided into two forms of welding and welding. The welding includes flash butt welding, resistance spot welding and air pressure welding; welding including arc welding and electroslag welding. In addition, the reinforcement of the steel and embedded parts T-joints should be submerged arc welding, arc welding or perforation welding can be used, but the welding current should not be large, to prevent burned steel.

Flash butt welding

Flash butt welding is widely used in steel connections and prestressed steel and screw rod welding. Hot-rolled steel welding should be preferred with flash butt welding.

(Such as the use of butt welding machine to make two sections of steel contact, through the low voltage of the high current, until the steel is heated to a certain temperature softening, the axial pressure upset for the formation of butt welding joints.

Steel flash welding process commonly used continuous flash welding, preheat flash welding and flash - preheat - flash welding

The The grade Ⅳ rebar is sometimes subjected to heat treatment after soldering.

Arc welding

Arc welding is the use of arc welding machine to make high temperature between the electrode and weldment, arc welding and welding within the arc of welding parts melting, to be solidified to form a weld or joints, arc welding is widely used in steel joints, steel skeleton Welding, assembly of structural joints of the welding, steel and steel welding and a variety of steel structure welding. (Single-sided weld or double-sided weld), to help the welding head (single-sided weld or double-sided weld), welding joints (flat welding or vertical welding ) And the weld bar welding head (right).

A) lap welding; b) to help welding; c) vertical welding of the welding; d) flat welding of the welding

Welded joint quality inspection In addition to the appearance, but also need to sample for tensile test. If there is any doubt about the quality of the welding or abnormal conditions, but also non-destructive testing (X-ray, γ-ray, ultrasonic testing, etc.).

Electroslag pressure welding

Electroslag pressure welding in the construction of cast-in-place concrete structure for vertical or oblique (inclination in the range of 4: 1) reinforced welding long. Electroslag pressure welding with two types of automatic and manual electroslag pressure welding. Compared with the arc welding, it is efficient, low cost, can be vertical connection, so the application of the more common in the project.

It is appropriate to use suitable welding transformer for electroslag pressure welding. Fixture (Figure 3-9) to be smart, upper and lower jaws concentric, to ensure that the maximum deviation of the axis of the upper and lower bars shall not be greater than 0.1d, but also not greater than 2mm.

Welding, the first end of the steel bar about 120mm within the rust removed, the fixture clamped in the lower bar, and the upper part of the bar straightening in the active electrode. Automatic electroslag welding pressure welding is also placed between the upper and lower bar with the wire and so on. And then loaded on the kit, filled with solder, connected to the circuit, with the handle to ignite the arc (arc). And then stabilize for a certain period of time, so that the formation of slag pool and the steel melting (stable arc), with the melting of steel, with the handle so that the upper steel slowly sent. When the steady arc reaches the specified time, in the power at the same time with the handle forging up forging (upset) to exclude slag and bubbles, forming joints. After a certain period of time to be cooled, the cartridge is removed, the solder is recovered, the fixture is removed and the slag is removed. Arc, arc, forging three processes for continuous.