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Steel Bar Buildings Are Often Used In Making
- Aug 02, 2017 -

Steel Bar Buildings are often used in making

The most commonly used is the "round", often abbreviated as "plate yuan", generally 10mm below the round coil into a circle-like supply.

  The thread is the strip of rebar.

  As for the "steel", literally should be a disk-like supply of rebar, and forgiveness under the less knowledge, really have not seen it

 While the steel is divided into

 First-class steel (HPB235) is generally smooth steel, commonly known as wire rod, 6 - 12 round the most common. Buildings are often used in the production of stirrups, plate distribution tendons, stirrup, wall reinforcement and so on.

  Secondary steel (HRB335) is a threaded steel, the diameter of 12-25 the most common for beams, columns, shear walls and so on. Large diameter and rarely used for civil construction, commonly used in mass concrete, such as hydraulic. Reinforced bars

  Three-tier steel (HRB400 above) is also a threaded steel, diameter and secondary reinforcement similar to the higher strength, but the price is also high, rarely used for construction workers, commonly used in special buildings. Some people make a fortune to buy a house to order, ask the main reinforcement all three steel bars, made bunkers, the actual is very wasteful stupid behavior, because the building is destroyed the most common reason is the destruction of concrete, rather than steel. First, the steel for the construction of steel, as the name suggests is like a wire with the same rebar, the general market is 6.5-8.0-10-12-14 majority. Generally in the delivery time, the steel are carried out pounds, mainly because the steel is a disk, can not be ruled. At the same time, 2012 steel market, steel only three, two steel has been eliminated. How much is a ton of rebar?

Second, use:

Reinforcement is commonly used in construction construction, said the diameter is 10 mm of steel, because 10 mm below the steel is easy to bend, in order to reduce the length before transport, the manufacturers in a long row of steel rolled into a circle Ring-shaped, three-tier steel in the construction site to such a steel referred to as disk round.

Its main purpose: widely used in housing, bridges, roads and other civil engineering construction. Reinforcement and high-line is very commonly used in the wire, the two wire looks more like the appearance, but in essence there is a certain difference.

Steel bars, as the name suggests is like a wire rod with the same rebar. Reinforcement and rebar compared to the words, the steel can be arbitrarily interception according to demand.

High-wire refers to the original steel processing methods, high-speed wire short. High line, is a bundle of wire inside only one connector, a bundle of wire is the whole, the middle is not broken. How much is a ton of rebar?

Round steel and high line and the general line, the price, the line is more expensive than the ordinary line. Due to the use of negative tolerance rolling, the high line saves the metal, the same weight of the high line longer than the length of the line. Three-tier steel.