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Section Steel The Section Of Steel
- Aug 29, 2017 -

Section Steel The section of steel

How does H shape steel come from? H shaped steel is an economical section steel that is optimized and developed by the industrial type steel, especially the section with the same name as "H" in the English letter. Its characteristics are as follows:

The flange is wide and lateral stiffness.

The bending ability is strong, about 5% to 10% of the steel.

The two surfaces are parallel to each other to make the connection, processing and installation easy.

Compared with welding i-steel, the cost is low, the precision is high, the residual stress is small, no expensive welding materials and weld inspection are required, and the production cost of steel structure is about 30%.

Under the same section load. The steel structure of hot rolled H is 15% - 20% less than that of conventional steel structure.

Compared with the concrete structure, hot rolled H steel structure can increase the use area of 6%, and the structure self-weight reduces 20% by 30%, and reduces the internal force of structural design.

The h-shaped steel can be processed into T shape steel, and the honeycomb beam can be combined to form various cross-section forms, which can meet the engineering design and production requirements. H-beam section shape of the economic and reasonable, good mechanics performance, rolling section on each extension point is relatively uniform, small internal stress, compared with ordinary beams, with large section modulus, the advantages of light weight, saving metal, can make the structure reduce 30-40%; Because of the lateral side of the legs, the legs are right angles and the assembly is assembled into components, which can save up to 25% of the work of welding and riveting. Bearing is often used for cutting ability, cross section stability good large buildings such as factories, high-rise building, etc.), and Bridges, ships, lifting transportation machinery, equipment, support of foundation and pile foundation.

Hot rolled H steel section has excellent mechanical properties and superior performance, according to the high width ratio of sectional dimensions according to different USES.

Hot rolled H steel

The structure is of high structural strength. Compared with the steel bar, the section modulus is large, which can save metal 10-15%.

The design style is flexible and rich. In the same condition of beam height, the opening of steel structure is 50% larger than that of concrete structure, thus making the building arrangement more flexible.

The right structure is light. Compared with the light weight of the concrete structure, the structure self-weight decreases, and the internal force of the structural design is reduced, so that the basic processing of the building structure is low, the construction is simple and the cost is reduced.