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Section Steel Strip Steel
- Jun 14, 2017 -

Section Steel Strip steel

Steel is a certain cross-sectional shape and size of the strip steel, steel is the four varieties (plate, tube, type, silk) one. According to the cross-sectional shape, steel section of simple section steel and complex section steel (shaped steel). The former refers to the steel, round steel, flat steel, angle steel, hexagonal steel; the latter refers to the I-beam, channel, rail, window steel, curved steel.

According to the different quality of steel smelting, steel is divided into ordinary steel and high quality

steel. Ordinary steel according to the current metal products directory is divided into large-scale steel, medium-sized steel, small steel. Ordinary steel according to its cross-sectional shape can be divided into I-beam, channel, angle, round steel and so on.

Large steel: steel, steel, steel, angle steel, flat steel are hot rolled, round steel, square steel, hexagonal steel in addition to hot rolling, there are forging, cold drawing and so on.

I-beam, channel steel, angle widely used in industrial construction and metal structures, such as factories, bridges, ships, agricultural machinery manufacturing, transmission tower, transport machinery, often used in conjunction. Flat steel used in the construction site for bridges, shelves, fences, transmission ships, vehicles and so on. Round steel, square steel for a variety of mechanical parts, agricultural machinery parts, tools and so on.

Medium-sized steel: medium-sized steel in the work, groove, angle, round, flat steel, similar to the use of large steel.

Small-sized steel: small steel in the corner, round, square, flat steel, processing and use similar to large steel, small diameter bar is often used as building steel

H-beam application characteristics

Hot-rolled H-shaped steel according to different purposes reasonable allocation of cross-sectional size aspect ratio, with excellent mechanical properties and superior performance.

Design style is flexible and rich. In the case of high beam height, the steel structure of the open space than the concrete structure of the large 50%, so that the building layout more flexible.

Structure light weight. Compared with the concrete structure, the weight of the structure is lighter, the structural weight is reduced, the internal force of the structural design is reduced, the construction requirement of the building structure can be reduced, the construction is simple and the cost is reduced.

It is a kind of steel structure with hot-rolled H-beam, which is scientific and reasonable in structure, good in plasticity and flexibility, high in structural stability, suitable for building structures with high vibration and shock load, strong resistance to natural disasters, especially for some The building structure of the earthquake belt. According to statistics, in the world occurred more than 7 devastating earthquake disaster, the H-beam steel structure-based damage to the smallest.

Increase the effective use of the structure area. Compared with the concrete structure, the steel structure column cross-sectional area is small, which can increase the effective use of the building area, depending on the different forms of construction, can increase the effective use of the area of 4-6%.

Compared with the welding H-beam, can significantly reduce the cost of raw materials, reduce raw materials, energy and labor consumption, low residual stress, appearance and surface quality.

Easy to machine, structural connection and installation, but also easy to remove and reuse.