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Section Steel Molding
- Aug 02, 2017 -

Section Steel Molding

Steel plate if the use of cold forming process, then the requirements are very strict, any one of the details of the problem, then there will be obvious defects on the product presented. In order to allow you to better grasp the cold forming technology, the content of this aspect or to have to understand, but also to avoid the occurrence of similar problems play a role.

Which as obvious defects are generally manifested in the quality of the surface of the steel plate, such as cracks, edge waves, longitudinal bending, corner wrinkles, distortion and other phenomena are very common. The reason for the formation of each defect is different, in order to cold bending, mainly due to the characteristics of the material caused by the edge of the wave is due to the same time by the two effects of the results; longitudinal bending Often occurs in the cold forming of thick plates, mainly due to the tension of the sheet is not enough to cause.

In addition to these surface quality problems, the material will also be in terms of size deviation, especially its edge size. There is a more serious situation is the rebound phenomenon, which is that the process of internal molding, improper pressure adjustment or uneven distribution of deformation and other factors, and then produce thermal stress cracks. Also contact with some steel products, such as steel, h-shaped steel, z-shaped steel, etc., they are different sections of the shape of the distinction. That on the font steel is really the first time I heard, so on her definition, characteristics, use are also ignorant. Since as a kind of steel, it should also have to grasp the necessary. The so-called font steel, is formed by cold-rolled section of a cross-section of the profile, due to the special shape of the cross-section, the moment of inertia of this steel is relatively large, the performance is relatively high. And the flanges on both sides of the flange will increase its contact surface with the template panel, in the application process can reduce the number of materials used.

Shaped steel is a molding, so the strength, toughness, bending resistance and other aspects are very good, this type of steel is widely used in agricultural greenhouses, car profiles, stadiums, solar stents and other products, with a beautiful, solid, Long life and other characteristics. The most common form of steel is the housing construction, that is to say that the steel used as building materials, then there is an advantage, it is not only a strong firmness, but also with a high stability. In the same application, compared with the previous use of aluminum alloy, steel is not only unique shape, the use of reduced, etc., the material also has good environmental protection. In a variety of housing construction, the activity room is the biggest beneficiaries of steel, not only the activities of the purlins can use steel, stents, beams with this material to produce. In addition, it can be combined into a lightweight roof truss, bracket and other building components to meet the different requirements.

In order to facilitate the processing of steel, but also in addition to the development of specialized steel forming machine, according to the size of customers need to automatically complete the processing of different types of steel. Of course, with the development of steel, its application is far more than that, all areas of the industry will have its shadow.