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Section Steel Important Composition
- Sep 28, 2017 -

Section Steel Important composition

Cold drawn steel is cold drawn from the processing of a variety of cross-sectional shape and size of the steel, cold drawn steel, also known as cold drawn steel, cold drawn steel. Cold drawn steel can be divided into cold drawn steel, cold drawn steel, cold drawn flat steel, cold drawn hexagonal steel, cold drawn shaped steel. Cold-drawn steel can be used for machine tool manufacturing, hydropower equipment manufacturing, woodworking machinery manufacturing, automobile and motorcycle bicycle accessories, standard parts, agricultural machinery, machinery and equipment manufacturing, textile machinery processing factory for supporting, has been widely used in machine tool manufacturing, Machinery and equipment, construction machinery, construction machinery, elevators, fitness equipment, aerospace and other industries. Diesel, musical instruments, household appliances, office equipment, steel furniture and handicrafts, decorations, lighting industry, hardware decoration industry, instrumentation, Flat steel is an important part of steel grating, in the steel grating from the main bearing role. Details can be seen: the quality of the steel grating is closely related to the flat steel, and now the steel plate of the flat steel is mainly used thickness T = 3,5,8 mm rectangular cross-section steel and a particularly thin, both ends are relatively thick Type I cross section flat steel.

The geometrical and mechanical properties of the I-type cross-section steel are much stronger than those of the rectangular section, and the bending resistance of the I-section flat steel is the same as in the case where the flat steel height H and the cross-sectional area F are the same: Wx = 0.2-0.203FH , And the rectangular section of the flat steel bending coefficient: Wx = 0.167FH, so from the data we can see, I-type flat steel bending capacity than rectangular flat steel is much stronger.

However, due to the shape of the I-type section is rather special, more limited, so all the flat steel can not be replaced with I-type flat steel. The range of use of type I flat steel now used is also limited by the fact that when the height H of the flat steel is relatively small, the a value of the flat crosshead of type I cross section is too small to be suitable for hot rolling and is not conducive to embedding Type welding. When the height of the flat steel H is relatively large, I-type cross-section of the flat waist thicker than h / t is too large, but also caused the lack of lateral stability of flat steel. Therefore, the current steel grating manufacturing industry to use rectangular section of flat steel.