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Section Steel Application Scope
- Nov 01, 2017 -

Section Steel Application scope

As a steel product, the shape of the angle is quite special, its both sides are perpendicular to each other and into an angle, in many occasions will be used. Perhaps we would think that angle is relatively common, so its storage requirements will not be high, it is easy to ignore this aspect. But in fact improper storage will directly affect the normal use of angle, after such a reminder, after really have a good storage angle. First of all, the angle of the steel in the accumulation of space and the convenience of the use of space together to consider, not only pay attention to save space, but also easy to take. Second, we must pay attention to the front and back of the angle, must be placed upside down, and in the accumulation of the bottom of the pad with leng wood, in order to avoid the tortuous deformation of steel.

At the same time, the occasion should meet the requirements have to be considered, for the storage of angle steel site to avoid storage of snow, water. In addition, in order to ensure the stability of the steel stacking, steel and steel can be used in conjunction with each other or other ways to maintain, so as to avoid the risk of collapse. The application of cold-formed steel has been extended to the PV system, its stent is to use cold-formed steel as raw materials, and in addition to excellent performance. But now the cold-formed steel does not seem to be so popular, what is the reason? Compared to hot-rolled steel, whether it is quality, performance or molding process, cold-formed steel should be more dominant, and its ability to adapt is also very strong, to meet the needs of different use. But the fact that the situation is that the use of cold-formed steel has not been so much welcome, the most critical is its price.

Cold-formed steel is a hot-rolled steel can not complete the specifications, while the appearance of beautiful materials, high strength, these are not critical of the Department. Is the cost is relatively high, in addition to its production process for the cold-rolled rolling, need to go through a variety of processes to complete, and the new level of technology and new production equipment are not perfect. It is also foreseeable that the future of cold-formed steel will be more competitive, because many companies have begun to support the transformation, our opportunities and challenges will be more. In general, C-shaped steel in the steel structure, it is possible to choose the cutting machine in the shearing machine or saw the bed, especially for thin-walled steel roof truss. The reason why this proposal is because here to go to the next to be accurate, the most easy electric sawing as a suitable, not only high efficiency, and smooth section, good quality, cutting error is very small.

Of course, C-shaped steel can also be used gas cutting way, but in order to improve the quality of gas cutting, it is best to use a small diameter nozzle, and after cutting with a hammer gently tapping, so that the incision is flat to meet the requirements of various uses. As the cross-sectional shape of the special-shaped steel is more complex, so the conventional design and production techniques and technology is difficult to use, so that the hole design and production is much more difficult than the simple section steel, which is the production cost of special-shaped steel Higher than the main reason for simple section steel.

In addition, due to different types of profiled steel in the shape of the size of the difference is very large, so the basic are custom, the market for a single variety of special steel demand is not very large, which led to the scale of heterogeneous steel production system Not very big