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Reinforced Concrete Bars
- Jun 23, 2017 -

Reinforced concrete bars

Belong to small steel. Including hot rolled round bar for reinforced concrete, hot rolled steel for prestressed concrete, hot Section Steel Special steel rolled strip reinforced concrete for reinforced concrete. Cold ribs reinforced. In addition to round steel, the other also known as rebar. Because in the rolling of steel surface rolled into ear or thread, is the construction industry in the reinforced concrete steel. Reinforcement according to the material yield point and tensile strength points Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ, Ⅳ grade steel. The above bars are used directly. Prestressed concrete with heat treatment of reinforced steel reinforced steel bars, high strength, but not suitable for welding and spot welding with steel, reinforced by 40Si2Mn, 48Si2Mn, 45Si2Cr and other steel made by heat treatment, the nominal diameter of 6,8.2,10 Mm. Cold rolled ribbed steel with Q215, Q235, 24MnTi steel made of nominal diameter of 4-12 mm. Steel heat treatment should be rolled into a plate, heat treatment delivery.

Agricultural steel

Agricultural steel mainly refers to the agricultural production and agricultural machinery with special or semi-dedicated steel, mainly: farm steel: agricultural tools for rural production of small tools and general civilian cutting tool commonly used steel. Mainly small section of the round steel, flat steel and other varieties.

Agricultural compound steel

Agricultural compound steel sub-sickle blank, hoe blank and chopper blank, for the manufacture of sickles, hoe and other small tools and other life with a knife (such as chopper, etc.). This kind of composite steel is made of two different kinds of carbon steel hot rolling, the outside is called the body steel with low carbon, the body steel soft and tough, good adhesion, easy to polish. The middle folder of a layer of cutting edge steel containing carbon, manganese and other high, hard and wear, polished after the production of cutting edge, very sharp.

Plowing steel

The plow, the plow, the plow, the plow, the plow, the plow, the plow, the plow, the plow, the plow, the plow, the plow, the plow, the plow, the plow, the plow, the plow, the plow, the plow, China generally use 65Mn and 65SiMnXt steel manufacturing. In addition, often for the farm steel and special sections of steel, such as T-beam, Z-beam, arc steel, double-sided steel to strengthen the font, grass blade steel, The High - quality profiles

High-quality profiles are made of high-quality steel processing profiles. Hot-rolled (forging) high-quality profiles, cold-drawn (dial) high-quality profiles and other varieties. Hot-rolled (forged) high-quality profiles include carbon structural steel, carbon tool steel, alloy structural steel, spring steel, stainless steel, bearing steel, alloy tool steel, die steel, high-speed tool steel and other varieties. Cold-drawn steel, cold-rolled steel, S / 5A, etc., including carbon structural steel, carbon tool steel, alloy structural steel, spring steel, stainless steel, bearing steel, alloy tool steel, high-speed tool steel, Variety. S / 5A is a product, commonly used as a shell, bullet.

Military materials

Other varieties are mainly special high-quality profiles. Including hollow steel, oxygen bottle material, cold heading steel, industrial pure iron, hot-rolled steel, D60, S / 5A, F18, F11, etc. are behind several. High-quality steel, regardless of large, medium and small, round steel and square steel according to the specifications of the group distance, such as 8-10mm, 11-15mm, 18-20mm, 205-245mm. Flat steel by section area points large, medium and small flat. Hexagon is not grouped. But the quality of steel from the distance can not replace the specific specifications, the documents should be filled with specific specifications. High-quality profiles are simple, the vast majority of round steel. In addition, there are square steel flat steel, six chest steel, hollow steel, shaped and other hot-rolled (forged) high-quality round steel, square steel, hexagonal steel size deviation of ordinary precision and high precision two. The cold drawn profiles have a more precise size and smooth surface, and some of the surface but also polished, polished. After polished or polished surface refined round steel, called silver steel. High-quality profiles are rarely used, most of them have to go through the use of units for further processing and after heat treatment, therefore, in addition to ensuring the chemical composition, but also to ensure that the mechanical properties of heat treatment.