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Quality Control Of Galvanized Steel Strip Coatings
- Feb 09, 2017 -

Galvanized steel coating quality control is mainly refers to the paint into the warehouse after the visual way to assess the state of the paint; in the storage of how to take measures to prevent the paint is sick and in the machine before the use of laboratory equipment on the coating Product performance such as viscosity, fineness, solid content, color and density of several aspects of testing.

Galvanized steel strip PVC organic sol and plastic sol is the sol-level polyvinyl chloride powder dispersed in the organic solvent and plasticizer mixture or only dispersed in the plasticizer dispersion, the former known as organic sol, the latter said As a plastic sol, together with the pigment and additives to become the appropriate coating. Sol-based coatings are dispersions with a much higher solids content than solvent-based coatings. Organosol solids content of 50% -70%, plastic sol can be as high as 95%, can be painted a thickness of 200um of the paint film.