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Hot Rolled Steel Coils And Plates Roll As Needed
- Sep 28, 2017 -

hot rolled steel coils and plates Roll as needed

What are the characteristics and standards for hot rolled coil and sheet metal?

Quality characteristics:

1, no pollution, economy

Color coated steel production process on the environmental hazards of small, and can be recycled, greatly reducing the pollution of the environment, and the weight of light, you can save load-bearing materials, reduce costs.

2, easy processing, easy construction

Hot rolled coil and plate can be rolled according to the needs of a variety of shapes, the length of the pressure plate, the middle of the general no lap, the construction is simple, waterproof effect.

Product product inspection standards:

1, not allowed to have obvious pores, bubbles, heap and wrinkle phenomenon.

2, does not allow the surface there pitting, impurities, scratches, dirty and uneven coating.

3, does not allow serious leakage coating, coating off, color mixing, adhesion. Do not allow the coating due to baking excess hair crisp yellow, loss of light and so on.

4, does not allow the existence of significant color or uneven gloss and so on. Development Trend of Hot Rolled Coil and Plate

First, the use of high-quality substrate, the substrate surface, board shape and dimensional accuracy requirements are getting higher and higher, outdoor use such as small zinc flower flat hot galvanized steel coil, zinc-free flat hot galvanized steel coil and nowadays The rise of zinc alloy hot rolled coil; indoor use such as galvanized steel coil, film cold rolled sheet and aluminum coil.

Second, improve the pretreatment process and pretreatment liquid, the number of equipment, low cost to become the mainstream process, and constantly improve the stability of pretreatment solution, corrosion resistance, environmental performance.

Third, pay attention to the development of new coatings, the general polyester, polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) and plastic sol improved, access to super color reproducibility, anti-ultraviolet, anti-sulfur dioxide, improve corrosion resistance; development of pollution, Hot and other functional coatings.

Fourth, the unit equipment more perfect. Such as the use of new welding machine, the new roller coater, improve the curing furnace, equipped with advanced automated instruments.

Fifth, due to cold embossing than the cost of hot embossing, with a beautiful, three-dimensional, high strength, so that cold embossed production technology has become the development trend.

Sixth, pay attention to the diversification of products, functional, high-grade, such as deep-drawing hot-rolled coil and plate, "grapefruit skin" hot rolled coil and sheet, anti-static hot rolled coil and sheet, Steel and sheet, high heat-absorbing hot-rolled coil and plate.