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Galvanized Steel Cleaning Small Knowledge
- Feb 09, 2017 -

Galvanized steel strip must be used for cleaning, when using emulsions, not only with the emulsion, but also in the emulsion to add an additive to improve performance, making the lubricant in the metal surface to form a network structure Of the adsorption film to ensure the surface quality of galvanized steel strip, so that in the future use can have a certain degree of toughness and compressive strength.

Because the polar molecules in the emulsion and the metal surface adsorption of larger, so the additive on the one hand to improve the rolling properties of the emulsion to ensure the stability of the rolling, on the other hand, the additives in the polar molecules and emulsions And the impurities in the oil leakage of the hydraulic system of the rolling mill are stably present on the surface concavo-convex region of the steel sheet by the strong polarity (adsorption) action of the polar molecules.