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Corrugated Steel Roofing Plate Deep Understanding
- Mar 16, 2017 -


Aluminum and zinc plating corrugated board also named contour plate. It Is made of color coating steel plate, galvalume sheet and other sheet metal after rolling cold bending into various wave type pressure plate. Also use for structurewarehouseLarge span steel structure roof of the buildingwall and Metope and external walls decoration, etc.


According to different materials and application it is divided into several common classification:

According to the site application classification, divided into roof panel, wall panels, building bearing plate and ceiling board, etc.Used in color steel plate is applied to make metope decorating plate, at the same time is new, unique architectural decoration effect.

According to the classification of wave height - divided into high reflection plate (wave height 70 mm or higher), medium plate (wave height < 70 mm) and low wave plate (wave height < 30 mm).

According to the classification of the base material, can be divided into hot dipped galvanized substrate, hot dip aluminum zinc and hot galvanizing substrate, etc.

According to the plate seam structure way classification - divided into lap, bite edge and withhold structure, etc.In one of the bite edge, withhold, takanami plate higher requirements should be used as a waterproof roof board;Lap of medium and high reflection plate galvanized sheet with floor coverings;Lap of low wave plate should be used as wall panel.


Product performance: the color plate thickness of 0.2 mm to 1.0 mm

Effective width: 608 mm, 760 mm and 820 mm, 900 mm and 950 mm, 960 mm and 1025 mm etc.

Scope of application

Steel structure house panel, activity panels, etc.

(1) Novel modelling beautiful, rich color, decorative is strong, flexible in combination, can express different architectural style;

(2) Light weight (6 ~ 10 kg/m&sup 2)High strength, yield strength of 250 ~ 550 mpa) and with good skin stiffness, good seismic performance of waterproofing agent;

(4) Construction convenient installation, reduce the workload installation, transportation, shorten the construction period;

(5) Belongs to the environmentally friendly building materials, steel sheet can be recycled, popularization and application in steel sheet policy for the sustainable development of national economy;

(6) Monomer material price is higher, compared with the concrete or masonry retaining materials, poor durability.