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Correct Storage Of Galvanized Steel Strip
- Feb 09, 2017 -

The use of galvanized steel strip for more and more people, with the attendant is the increasing demand, so the factory in order to avoid out of stock of the situation, will carry out a large number of production, this time on the need for excess products Of the reserves and preservation. Although the strip after galvanized, but after all, is a metal material items, or need to be well preserved, it will not be affected by the surrounding environment. At present, there are two main types of steel strip, the first one is cold-processed steel strip, the second is heat-treated steel strip, the characteristics of these two kinds of steel belt are different, so the storage method is different.

After the hot-dip galvanized steel processing technology is relatively advanced, and his thickness of the zinc layer is relatively thick, so strong resistance to external corrosion, can maintain a stable function for a long time, so the storage method is relatively simple, do not need Very stringent conditions. It should be noted that the storage environment of air humidity, to the Treasury for ventilation on a regular basis to ensure a dry storage environment. But also often on the strip to check, if the surface rust phenomenon, do not worry, it is in contact with the air after being oxidized, can be used normally.