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Angle Steel Bar Reduce Construction Costs
- Oct 20, 2017 -

angle steel bar Reduce construction costs

Angle steel is a large amount of construction projects, the higher value of a material, can reasonably improve the utilization angle of steel angle, is to reduce the construction cost of one of the important factors. It is the starting point of the current construction enterprises to improve the economic efficiency and reduce the project cost, and also the focus of the fine management of the machine tool cost. The following from the angle of the acceptance of steel bars, such as the use of light to understand the cost of fine management of the machine.

First, the angle of the acceptance of acceptance

1. Angle of steel into the field, the first should see the supplier's invoice, delivery quantity, specifications and brand models are consistent with the project procurement plan. Then, to collect the angle of the steel bar to prove the quality of documents to confirm the quality of documents and approach the goods are consistent, whether the corresponding batch number. To be confirmed, check the apparent quality of the angle bar, such as rust, cracks, scarring and folding, distortion and other defects in the quality of refusal to sign acceptance.

2. The number of rebar acceptance of the two at least two people present, mutual supervision, approach angle steel screw to weigh the weight, weighing a small ticket retained and attached to the delivery details behind, for inspection. Angle bars should be measured with a tape measure length, and use the vernier caliper to measure the angle of the bar diameter, angle bar diameter does not meet the national norms when not signed acceptance. The number of bars to be the number of points and according to the theoretical weight calculation, the length of the calculation of the length of the actual measurement when the acceptance shall prevail.

Second, the angle of steel storage management

1. On-site angle reinforcement management. According to the actual situation of the scene unified planning, set up a special angle of steel with a storage area, in strict accordance with the construction site materials and equipment management standards for storage. Unloading requirements by pieces, disk round, disk screw stack height of not more than 3 layers, straight bar neat and beautiful, easy to move. 2. Set the appropriate angle of the steel processing area. In many projects, most of the steel bars are relatively neatly placed, but the angle of semi-finished products are more chaotic storage, marking unclear, should all the semi-finished angle steel bars according to specifications, sub-species, zoning, and its use, the number To identify, to facilitate the workers to take processing, site management staff can accurately report consumption.

3. Set a reasonable angle of steel scrap storage area or waste pool. Angle of steel production and production of waste generated according to the requirements into the angle of steel waste pond, to maintain the angle of steel processing area clean and tidy. In addition to the implementation of comprehensive utilization of waste, such as welding Ma stool and other measures to save angle steel. For the various types of angle bars in accordance with the provisions of less than 40 cm to be considered waste. Processing can not be used to shape the angle of steel should be found that the reasons are not free to deal with, resulting in a waste of angle bars.