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Angle Steel Bar Application Standard
- Oct 12, 2017 -

angle steel bar Application standard

Angle steel is the use of ordinary low-carbon steel, high-quality carbon steel or low-alloy steel hot-rolled discs for the base material, the angle of steel equipment after reducing the surface of its cold-rolled products with two crescent-shaped ribs. What are the standard values of the strength values of the different types of angle bars? What is the difference between the application standard of the angle steel? The following is to explain to you: Second, the angle of steel in reinforced concrete structure and prestressed concrete structure in the application of standards:

1, CRB550 reinforced bar should be used as reinforced concrete structural members of the reinforced steel, steel welded wire mesh, stirrups, structural reinforcement and prestressed concrete structures in the non-prestressed steel.

2, CRB650, CRB800, CRB970 and CRB1170 reinforcement should be used as prestressed concrete structural members of the prestressed main reinforcement.


(1) CRB550, CRB650, CRB870, CRB970 and CRB1170 are respectively CRB550, CRB650, CRB800, CRB970 and CRB1170 in GB13788.

(2) CRB550 grade bar diameter in the range of 4-12mm can be used 0.5mm upgrade;

(3) 4mm diameter bars should not be used as force reinforcement. Angle steel is a yield strength, as follows:

Angle steel CRB550 yield strength of not less than 500Mpa; tensile strength of not less than 550Mpa; elongation of not less than 8%.

First grade steel yield strength material 235Mpa.

The standard value of the strength of the angle bar should have a guaranteed rate of not less than 95%.

The standard value fyk of the angle of the reinforced concrete for the reinforced concrete shall be expressed by the tensile yield strength and shall be used in accordance with Table 1.

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Advantages of high ductility angle CRB600H

1, resource advantages: CRB600H is the use of Q235 carbon steel, after cold processing, mining the endogenous potential of steel, without adding any alloy elements, can save precious alloy resources. The

2, process advantages: CRB600H to Q235 carbon steel as raw material, after rolling molding and on-line heat treatment, from raw materials to products, production only one minute, the process is simple.

3, environmental advantages: CRB600H in the cold-rolled heat treatment of the production process, no waste water, no waste gas, no pollution, is conducive to environmental protection.

4, Variety Specifications Advantages: CRB600H mainly produces 5-12mm small size steel, small size, variety, bulk live, high efficiency. Can be straight supply, without straightening, to avoid the construction of "thin". Mainly used for reinforced concrete structure floor and shear wall stirrups and reinforcement, easy to adapt to urban and rural housing construction market demand.

5, material advantages: CRB600H high strength, strong seismic capacity, strength for each increase 100Mpa, can save steel 10%, can reduce the amount of steel, but also reduce the project cost.