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About The Situation Of Galvanized Steel Strip In The Market
- Feb 09, 2017 -

For the majority of steel should be aware, but not necessarily for all galvanized steel is understood that it is a relatively special steel, it is the most important difference with other steel is relatively strong corrosion resistance, this Even if it is put on a very long time in a very humid place there will not be rusty problems, if other steel in the wet place long-term use will certainly have rust problems. This steel has such a special, it is because the surface of its steel after special processing, processing will be coated with a layer of zinc on the surface. Because of the surface after such special treatment, so it will be more than the general steel corrosion resistance is stronger. This kind of steel has been widely used in many industries since its development. For example, in the electrical industry, refrigerators, washing machines and other use above; the automotive industry car doors, water tanks, car floor will use this kind of steel.