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The process and cost of steel plate processing
- Feb 09, 2017 -

Steel plate processing, which is a steel plate cutting process. So, in front of the steel cutting to explain, today we have to learn about this aspect of sheet metal processing, in order to make our learning more extensive and comprehensive, without any omission. In this way, can also be beneficial to everyone's learning process, so as to make themselves know and know more.

Question 1: steel plate processing, the basic steps in the process of what?

Steel plate processing technology, mainly for: Jianban - stamping - bending - assembly welding - spraying. In addition, it can also be: slab - heating - rolling - trimming length - packing.

Question 2: plate processing costs, which include the main?

Steel plate processing costs, which are usually based on steel material, specifications, graphics and manufacturers of these factors such as the overall utilization rate to be calculated.

Question 3: plate processing, which will generally use the equipment?

Steel processing, it will use the equipment, a drilling machine, planer and welding machines.