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Problems to Be Paid Attention to in Shearing Steel Plate
- Feb 09, 2017 -

For the cutting plate can be used CNC cutting machine is mainly used for cutting a device that can cut any plane metal, the only point is the thickness of the cutting is different, CNC plasma cutting machine we recommend cutting thickness of not more than 50mm , Too thick plate in the arc caused by cutting and metal dust particularly large.

For the general steel materials, their strength is very high, coupled with today's production technology has become more advanced, the performance of the material will naturally be more excellent. In view of this situation, the material cut before punching, the need for pretreatment, in order to avoid the process will appear.

In the hole at the same time to note that many steel plate will be offset, in which case must pay attention to eliminate the problem of uneven surface of the material, but also pay attention to the size of the edge of the material differences to ensure that processing will not appear Offsets. Especially for high-strength structural steel plate, the processing of the possibility of a rebound is very large, so be sure to remember to correct them.