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Bulletproof steel plate small knowledge introduction
- Feb 09, 2017 -

Do the protection of the bullet-proof steel, we recommend this level for you. Bullet-proof steel for targeting We recommend a higher level for you. There is a bullet-proof steel spot BHFD3 / BHFD2 level bullet-proof steel. Special, such as ship ballistic steel, armor bullet-proof steel. We do for you. High quality is not high price. Three bullet-proof level, but also basically meet your general target, the level of protection with bullet-proof. Bulletproof vests, bullet-proof suits, steel bullet-proof protective gear, protective clothing, bullet-proof steel bullet-proof veneer board, explosion-proof bullet-proof steel bullet-proof steel plate AK47 Akka 47 with 4 mm bulletproof steel we cut bulletproof steel plate.